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When is it Time to Consider Spine Surgery?

When to consider Spine Surgery

When neck or back pain becomes unbearable, there are many pain management treatment options to try when seeking relief. But when do you know if the best solution may be a surgical one? While surgery is often considered as a last resort, it is important for back and neck pain sufferers to know when it’s […]

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Spine Conditions that Cause Leg Pain

leg pain from spine condition

Leg pain, whether chronic or acute, can be extremely debilitating and disrupting, and yet, it’s a very common issue. While there are a variety of conditions that cause leg pain, the most common cases actually stem from the lower back, where the nerves branch out from the spine to provide function in the legs, ankles, […]

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September is Pain Awareness Month

Pain, whether acute or chronic, is something everyone encounters in their lifetimes, and yet suffering from it can feel isolating. In hopes to alleviate the isolation and stigma pain sufferers can feel, September is national Pain Awareness Month. At Q Spine Institute, raising pain awareness helps bring relief to patients faster by opening a dialogue […]

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Are You at Risk for a Herniated Disc?

herniated disc risks

One of the most common spine conditions, a herniated disc, refers to when a spinal disc is damaged and the disc’s inner material bulges out aggravating surrounding nerves. Also known as a slipped, bulging or ruptured disc, the pain from herniated discs can occur suddenly in the lower back and neck and affects a wide […]

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Beware of the Backpack

back pain from backpacks

With summer break coming to an end, backpacks may soon be a regular fixture in your or your kids’ day. Backpacks are a popular choice for not only schoolbooks, but laptops, lunches, gym gear, and travel. Despite the variety of uses, the handy backpack can be a culprit for neck, shoulder, and back pain. To […]

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