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Beware of the Backpack

back pain from backpacks

With summer break coming to an end, backpacks may soon be a regular fixture in your or your kids’ day. Backpacks are a popular choice for not only schoolbooks, but laptops, lunches, gym gear, and travel. Despite the variety of uses, the handy backpack can be a culprit for neck, shoulder, and back pain. To […]

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Laminectomy: Understanding the Treatment

Understanding Laminectomy Spine Treatment

Finally finding the procedure to provide relief for your neck and back pain can feel like a victory, but sometimes understanding the details of a recommended treatment (or even how to pronounce its name) can feel like it’s own challenge. Q Spine Institute is here to help provide clarity on the ins and outs of […]

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How Flip Flops Can Hurt Your Spine

Flip flops are a summer staple for men, women, and kids alike. While light and easily-wearable, these classic sandals may be hurting your back. Summer is officially in full swing, so now’s the perfect time to understand what pain symptoms are associated with flip flops, the mechanics of how they can hurt your spine, and […]

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Why Get an MRI for Neck and Back Pain?

MRI Back Pain

For neck and back pain sufferers the path to pain relief can take you down many treatment options and requires an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Your doctor may recommend getting an MRI scan as part of your path to pain relief. But why get an MRI? Understanding what it is and what it can […]

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What to Do When Watching Fireworks is a Pain in the Neck

Neck Pain Watching Fireworks

While everyone anticipates oohs and ahhs watching fireworks, no one wants to experience the moans and groans of neck pain the next day. Unfortunately staring up in awe at a spectacular finale can leave you with lingering aches. When watching fireworks becomes a pain in the neck, here are tips on prevent discomfort caused by […]

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